USA swimming is encouraging kids to get in the pool

USA Swimming is trying to get more kids interested in the competitive sport.

USA Swimming is trying to get more kids interested in the competitive sport.

Competitive swimmers know how the sport can seemingly take over their entire lives, from the first moment they get in the water until their last important meet. While those who do swim competitively are aware of all of the hard work that goes into it, they also get to bask in the joy of their major accomplishments. Unfortunately, the number of kids and young adults who are swimming competitively has fallen in recent years, ranking 17 among 24 team sport activities in 2013, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

Well, now USA Swimming – the governing body of all competitive swimming in the United States – is launching a full promotional campaign in order to get kids away from the baseball diamond and basketball court and into the pool. USA Swimming has always been about getting more and more children interested in swimming in a competitive way, as well as supporting the U.S. Olympic team during the summer games, but now they are really going all-out with a new advertising blitz aimed at those who are on the younger side.

The organization has created several commercial spots, in which boys and girls around the age of 10 talk about all the ways that competitive swimming is a more enjoyable alternative than other popular sports. This is in addition to a print campaign of posters, which help accentuate the fun aspects of jumping in the pool. The chief marketing officer of USA Swimming, Matt Farrell, told The New York Times that purposefully omitting the more grueling parts of swimming was a purposeful way to get kids to give competitive swimming a shot.

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