The swim team check list

Does your child have everything they need to swim competitively?

Does your child have everything they need to swim competitively?

If your child has recently begun to swim competitively, there are a few items they will need for almost every practice and meet. While some clubs and teams may provide some equipment, the following are the most common products that are used by swimmers, and probably items that your child would want for themselves. 

Required equipment 

  • Competition suits – This high-performance swimwear is used during meets. Your child's swim team may provide these types of suits for them to use. 
  • Goggles – Swimmers need goggles not only to protect their eyes from chlorine, but also to be able to see their surroundings underwater. You may need to purchase more than one pair if your child will be swimming in indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Practice suits – Swimwear like Dolfin Uglies bathing suits are used during workouts because they are more durable than regular competition swimwear. They are often made out of materials that create extra drag, resulting in a more challenging practice session. 
  • Swim caps – No one wants to have hair sticking in their face during a swim, but that's not a swim cap's only purpose. The items keep goggles in place and also help streamline the body, resulting in more efficient and faster swimming.

Optional items

  • Fins – You may only associate fins with snorkeling or scuba diving, but swimmers often use them in the pool to improve their kicking speed. 
  • Kickboard – This floating device is used by athletes during practice sessions to improve their kicking skills. 
  • Mesh bag – Instead of using a regular duffel bag, swimmers often use mesh items because they can quickly drain.