Technical swimwear: Men’s fitting tips

Jammers are swimwear used by elite athletes.

Jammers are swimwear used by elite athletes.

In yesterday's post, we provided a few tips for how to correctly fit competition swimwear for women, but don't worry gentlemen and parents of male athletes, we've got you covered as well. There are a few types of swimwear for men, but in this piece, we'll be focusing on jammers – the bottoms that look similar to bicycle shorts. 

Some people like to say that as long as you can put a pair of jammers on, then the suit is probably a good fit. When it comes to technical swimwear, though, good enough is not the best standard. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when trying to figure out the best fit: 

  • Hips – We don't want to be crude but, if anything below the lower back is showing, the suit may be a bit too small. A pair of jammers should not come up above the navel, but there are higher-waisted options that can provide additional streamlining. 
  • Knees – A suit that touches the knees is too large. It should rest snugly at the bottom of the thighs, but not be so tight that it cuts off circulation. 

Just like with women's suits, jammers typically have silicone grippers that line the inside of the legs. Be sure to turn the area inside out as you're putting on the suit, as you will be able to slide it on more easily. Once you've got it on, flip the seams back down. 

Elite swimmers often say that men's technical suit should fit like a pair of socks. Everything should be held in place snugly, but not pinch or cause discomfort.