Preparing for championship season

Are you prepared your next meet?

Swimming season is coming to a close, but the most exciting parts of it are just over the horizon. This is stressful and exciting time, but here are a few tips to help you get through it: 

  • Get enough sleep – The weeks leading up to your championship meets are not the time to stay up late. Your body needs to rest in order for you to perform well on race day. Even if you find yourself tossing and turning the night before the event, you will be rested if you've gotten enough sleep during the nights before.
  • Keep your eating habits the same – You should maintain a balanced diet, but don't cut out or add anything major. Your eating habits make the most impact throughout the whole season, not just a few weeks before a major meet. 
  • Rest your legs – Do you want an excuse to get you out of shoveling the snow or carrying groceries inside? Just tell your loved ones that you're preparing for a big meet. Seriously, though, you may be on your feet for up to eight hours. There's no reason to make your body more tired than it needs to be. 
  • Stay positive – Be proud of how far you've gotten this season and all the progress you've made. Telling yourself that you hate the sport or are ready for the season to be over will only cause you to perform poorly once you begin to compete. 
  • Swim in your racing swimsuit before the meet – Practice suits like Dolfin Uglies feel different than technical swimwear. You should get comfortable in your racing attire and avoid wearing a suit for the first time on the day of a race.