Multisport athletes can benefit from time in the pool

You can get ready for your triathlon in the pool.

You can get ready for your triathlon in the pool.

Swimming is the first leg of a triathlon. Due to its early position, it is often forgotten once the longer cycling and running portions of the race commence. One could argue, however, that a strong start could make the rest of the event much easier. Putting yourself in a good position from the beginning can prevent you from needing to sprint at the finish. Spending enough time in the pool and becoming a better swimmer could make you a better overall athlete. 

If you're training for an event in the early spring, it may be necessary for you to have at least a few workouts in the pool because of cold winter weather. 

Triathlon swims take place in open water, not pools, so you may wonder how you can create a similar experience in a more controlled environment. In an article on the U.S. Masters Swimming website, veteran Masters coach Scott Bay offered the following advice for swim clubs that have multiple triathletes:

"Multisport athletes will need skills-building drills suited for this different medium," Bay wrote. "How can swimmers practice open water skills in a controlled environment like the pool? Simple. Take the lane lines out. Yep, just pull 'em out, and you're left with a body of water with no set traffic pattern."

Training in the pool with others also provides a fun alternative to solo outdoor swimming. You'll also have the opportunity to get out of your wetsuit and competitive swimwear and try out a few different bathing suit options.