How swimming in a club could improve your triathlon times

You could become a better triathlete by spending time in the pool.

Triathletes spend a lot of time and effort getting down their run and bike times. They buy the right shoes and clothing, but for some reason the swim portion of the race is often neglected.

Joining a swim club may be the key to improving your overall triathlon success. Here's why: 

  • Becoming less dependent on a wetsuit - Wetsuits are buoyant and can cause some swimmers to be unaware of technique flaws. Swimming in a regular practice suit will help you move more efficiently. 
  • Becoming proficient in other strokes – Triathlon swimming mostly involves the freestyle stroke, but learning other ways to move through the water when you face obstacles like buoys and waves is important. Becoming better at other strokes will also improve your overall strength. 
  • Friendly competition – Swimmers who train alone often find that their speed plateaus. Members of adult swim clubs are serious about the sport and are regularly trying to improve. Practicing with these individuals will not only inspire you to work harder, but also teach you about pacing, drafting and race strategy.
  • Technique improvement - When you swim alone, you don't have anyone to tell you what you may be doing wrong. A swim club coach can suggest some minor corrections in your form that may help you save energy and swim faster. 

In addition to the above, working out with a club team is just more fun! Who wants to spend time in a pool alone when you can meet new and interesting people?

If you want to become a better triathlete, grab your swimsuit, goggles and Speedo swim cap and hop into the pool!