Early season training tips

There's plenty to do during the early season.

There's plenty to do during the early season.

The beginning of the swim season is a great time to set new goals and revamp your training techniques. It's best to get this work out of the way early in order to reinforce good habits by the time you start participating in competitions. 

In an article on the swimming website Swim Swam, Nick Folker a trainer for several Olympic and NCAA champion swimmers, provided the following for athletes to follow during the early swim season:

Make technical improvements - It can take time to get used to even the slightest change in stroke or turn technique, so it's important to begin these adjustments as early as possible. 

"This gives you the whole season to refine the technique until it becomes automatic," Folker wrote. "Emphasize body position and stroke drills, practice good turns and push offs, and work on your dive mechanics at the end of a practice when you have time. When competitions come around, your technique will be engrained in your training, freeing your mind from thinking too much when you race."

Spend time underwater – How you begin a race can make a major difference in the outcome. The early season is the time to build up your lung capacity by devoting workouts and sets to underwater training. According to Folker, underwater training builds breath control and mental toughness. 

Work on leg strength – Folker recommends that swimmers incorporate high intensity kicks into their early season workouts. Kicking engages the core muscles and can help with your overall strength, endurance and acceleration. 

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