Caring for your competitive swimwear

Taking care of your swimsuit will enable it to last longer.

Taking care of your swimsuit will enable it to last longer.

While it's true that competitive swimmers go through a lot of suits, here are some suggestions on how to keep your suit looking and performing at its best, for as long as possible:


After getting out of the pool, you should at least rinse your swimsuit with fresh water as soon as possible. Once at home, you should wash the suit by hand with a mild soap. Putting your suit in a washing machine can cause bunching or stretching, making it ill-fitting. 


Wringing out your swimsuit can damage the spandex and fibers, leaving it sagging in strange places. In addition, hanging a suit, especially by the straps, can stretch it out as well. To dry your suit, lay it out on a towel, roll it up and squeeze gently. Afterward, lay your swimsuit on a dry surface in a well-ventilated area. Avoid placing it in the sun, as that can cause the color to fade. 


Items made of Spandex usually need a full day to return to their normal positions. If you're going to daily practices, make sure that you have a full rotation of suits so that each one has enough time to dry and bounce back. 

Outside the pool

Cement, wooden benches and other rough surfaces can snag and tear a swimsuit. Whenever you're out of the pool, make sure that you are either wearing a cover up or have a towel to sit on.