3 ways to mentally prepare yourself for competitive swimming

Here are a few ways swimmers can keep themselves mentally prepared for meets.

Here are a few ways swimmers can keep themselves mentally prepared for meets.

When it comes to perfecting your technique in the water, how you prepare yourself mentally is just as important as the physical training. Your emotional state will have a direct impact on how you perform in the water, which is why it is so important for you to be in the right head space ahead of every meet. Having mental toughness begins when you are just starting out and things are difficult, because you'll have to will yourself to continue. If you work just as hard on your mental state as you do on your body, you will become unstoppable in the water.

Here are a few ways you can mentally prepare yourself for a swim meet:

  • Be a sore loser: It is certainly healthy to be competitive, so you need to turn every mistake and loss into an opportunity for you to learn and improve your techniques. Do not settle for being just average – you should take your defeats and let them motivate you to improve.
  • Drown out your doubts: When it comes to your swimming, one of the biggest roadblocks you will face will be the little voice inside of your head telling you that you're not good enough. You need to learn to just ignore that nagging doubt and be confident in your ability to go out and accomplish everything you need to.
  • Have a mantra: Some people find it comforting to have a few words or phrases they can repeat to themselves before, during and after a meet. You should have something that you can repeat to yourself that calms your nerves and gets you into the right competitive mode.

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