3 tips for preparing for a meet

Here are a few tips for competing at your best.

Here are a few tips for competing at your best.

Swimming is a full body workout and when you are competing it is easy to psych yourself out of a good race. But here are a few ways to feel amply prepared for a swim meet and compete at your best.

Carbo-load - Eating sufficient carbohydrates the night before can help you perform in competition. Carbs are stored by muscles to store energy that can be used during your meet. Make sure that you are eating good carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, whole-wheat pastas and grains. Also, don't forget to incorporate the appropriate amount of protein into your diet.

Check-in – Make sure you have a schedule that you stick to. Talk to your coaches about where you need to be and when, and then communicate that with family and teammates so they can help you keep track. Keep in mind that you will want time to warm up, so give yourself an extra 20 minutes before start time so you can get settled and focused.

Pack – Whether it is just a day meet or a weekend-long event, be sure that you pack ahead of time. There is nothing worse than scrambling around the morning of to find all the odds and ends that you need. You know what gear you need in order to be successful, but be sure to grab some snacks and games to play while you wait.

When you are gearing up for competitions, you want to know that your suit, goggles and cap are all going to do their job. Knowing that your gear works for you will give you the confidence in the pool that you need to do your best. If you are in need of competition swimwear, visit Swimmer's Choice today!