3 tips for improving your swimming technique from Mark Foster

Here are a few swimming techniques from Mark Foster.

Here are a few swimming techniques from Mark Foster.

Whether you swim competitively or just for the enjoyment of the activity, it is always possible to improve your technique in the water. While most people are given swimming lessons at an early age, some are content to just stick with the basics every time they jump in the pool or some other body of water. If you are looking to push yourself and improve, there is one man who is very well-qualified to offer up some of his own advice – Mark Foster. Foster is one of the most successful British swimmers of all time, winning countless Olympic medals and setting various world records.

Here are some of Foster's tips for becoming a stronger swimmer:

  • Avoid the mayhem: If you are early in your career as a swimmer, it can often be intimidating at the beginning of races. If this is the case, it can sometimes be beneficial for you to hang back a moment or two and allow the pack of swimmers to take off before you begin.
  • Breathe under water: Making sure that you get enough oxygen while you are swimming will be crucial for your success. Foster says that swimmers should practice exhaling under water and inhaling on the side. This will help keep air flowing through you, keeping your body strong.
  • Keep your fingers open: "A lot of people are taught to swim with their fingers closed. I'm a great believer in swimming with your hands slightly open, thus making your 'paddles' bigger," Foster told The Telegraph. "Swimming needs to be relaxed – especially your hands. You don't just pull your hands, you also use your forearm. Imagine you're scooping up a football and throwing it behind you."

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