3 tips for every competitive swimmer

Here are a few tips every competitive swimmer can use to improve their performance.

If you are a competitive swimmer, you know how important it is to maintain yourself physically. But just as important as your workout is the shape you keep yourself in mentally. Believe it or not, how you feel emotionally can have a direct impact on your performance in the water. You do not want to spend all of that time in the gym and the pool practicing and working hard only to trip yourself up in a way that can be easily avoided. There are certain habits that every competitive swimmer needs to break free from in order to be the best they can possibly be in the water.

Here are a few ways you can improve your performance:

  • Avoiding the work: Competitive swimmers know how much time and effort goes into this commitment. Instead of looking for any shortcuts that will make you better in the pool, you must put in the necessary time and effort to make yourself better.
  • Expand your comfort zone: If you stick with the same moves and swimming techniques all the time, you will never improve as a competitive swimmer. Instead, you should always be pushing yourself to do better and learn new moves that you can practice and perfect over time.
  • Stop being negative: Even if a practice or a meet does not go as well as you wanted or expected, it is important to keep your thoughts positive. Getting down on yourself and being negative will only hurt your performance in the future. Instead, focus on what can be improved and treat a slight stumble as a learning opportunity.

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