3 tips for dealing with a crowded swimming pool

Tips for dealing with a busy pool.

Tips for dealing with a busy pool.

If you are a competitive swimmer, chances are you have had to deal with a crowded swimming pool or lane at one point or another. This is something that happens frequently, especially if you have your meets or practices in crowded public areas. Instead of complaining about the circumstances, there are different habits you can incorporate into your time in the pool to make the best of those situations. You do not want to become frustrated or overwhelmed on a regular basis with something that is almost entirely out of your control.

Here are a few tips for dealing with a crowded swimming pool:

  • Don't stop: Unless you are experiencing a physical pain as a reason for you to stop, it is important to always keep your forward momentum going in the pool. This means that you cannot end your swim in the middle of the lane and hold on to the rope, as this will cause a traffic jam in the lane.
  • Get out of the way: After you have finished your set, you are likely going to be exhausted from all of the physical effort you just put into your swimming. But instead of lazily floating around to recover, it is important that you move out of the pool as quickly as possible for your teammate to come in and finish up themselves.
  • Leave when you are supposed to: You do not want to hold anybody up by starting too late – or cheat your swim times by jumping in too early – so it is crucial that you remain cognizant of the time you are set to begin and stick to it.

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