3 questions every competitive swimming parent asks

Here are a few common questions that every competitive swimming parent will ask.

If you are a competitive swimmer, you are probably aware that there will be nobody more enthusiastic about your performance in the water than your own parents. Whether they are showing that excitement by attending your practices, cheering along at meets or paying for your competition swimwear, they will want to be as involved as possible with you and the sport. If you are one of those parents, it can often be overwhelming to know what your child is going to need from you in order to swim as best as they possibly can.

Here are a few common questions that every parent of a competitive swimmer inevitably asks:

  • How can I be the best swimming parent possible? All you can do is provide your unconditional love and support for your son or daughter – the rest is up to them!
  • How many training sessions should my kid be doing? There is no set number for the amount of times your child should be in the pool each week, as it all depends on their age and skill level. There are certain factors you should be on the lookout for, though, such as fatigue, performance level, the times the pool is available and your child's individual goals.
  • When should my child specialize in a stroke? Over time, your kid will eventually grow into the stroke that they prefer to use and are comfortable with in the pool. It is likely that their best stroke will change year to year as they get older until eventually settling on one that suits them the best for their individual performance.

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