What swimming stereotype are you?

What kind of stereotypical swimmer are you?

What kind of stereotypical swimmer are you?

When it comes to getting in the pool, each person has their own specific quirks or idiosyncrasies that set them apart from others in the water. While this is true, there are often certain overlapping elements that different people share that others can recognize while in and out of the pool. You can never truly predict who you are going to find in the lane next to you, but there are educated guesses that can be made.

Here are a few swimming stereotypes – where do you see yourself fitting in?

  • Drill sergeant: Often the one who is in charge of the team and expects nothing but the best from each and every member. Can often be annoying, but consistently posts the best results.
  • Mental gamer: Many people take the mentally manipulative approach when it comes to beating their opponents. Don't listen to what this person says – their spiels about being out of shape or not good enough are designed to throw you off guard.
  • Undisclosed injury: Usually during the main set, this swimmer will pull out for an injury that is left vague and purposefully unspecified. They'll generally be showered and gone before the meet or practice has come to an end.
  • Specialist: The one who is basically an average swimmer in most areas, but has one or two specialties that they can use to whip you in a meet or other competition.
  • Wave maker: This is the person that is careless with their form and can create waves that disrupt your flow in the pool. They are usually a complete hassle to be swimming behind.

Even if you are not a swimming stereotype, you will all share one common goal – performing your absolute best. Be sure to try TYR swimwear from Swimmer's Choice to improve your workouts!