U.S. Masters partners with Life Time Fitness to expand programs

It's never too late to start swimming!

It's never too late to start swimming!

Swimming is truly a lifelong sport. A few trips to the pool each week can benefit adults even when they're in their eighties and nineties. In some areas, however, public pools are few and far between and the opportunity to participate in an adult swimming program is almost non-existent. To make swimming more accessible, U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) and Life Time Fitness recently announced their partnership to expand swimming programs at its 76 fitness centers. 

The program will bring USMS-sancitoned teams led by certified coaches to the fitness centers. Participating adults will be able to compete in all USMS events. As an added bonus, USMS members will receive one month of free access to Life Time Fitness facilities. 

"We're the leading adult swimming organization in the United States—the most important benefits we can offer our members are pool access and professional coaching by qualified and certified instructors," said Bill Brenner, USMS's Club and Coach Services director, in a press release. "By expanding our programming […] we're expanding access to pools and to professionally trained coaches who understand how to make swimming fun and effective for adults of all ages and abilities."

Brenner added that being a Masters swimmer doesn't mean you have to start out as an expert. The only requirement is that you swim a full lap. Coaches do the rest of the work by helping you perfect your stroke technique and providing suggestions of additional training in and out of the pool.

 If you're interested in swimming, it's never too late to start! After you get a swimsuit, goggles and Speedo swim cap, you can just hop into the pool!