Tips for getting more comfortable in the water

Is discomfort in the water holding you back?

Is discomfort in the water holding you back?

Many people want to spend more time in the pool to improve their fitness, but not being completely comfortable in the water can hinder their success. When you're not relaxed or constantly feel uneasy when you're in the pool, you won't be able to reach your full potential. 

Here are a few drills you can try to help you feel more secure in the water: 

Alligator breathing 

While standing in the shallow end of a pool, hold on to the wall and lower your body until the lower part of your mouth is under water. Open your mouth as big as possible and calmly breathe. It's possible that you'll swallow some water, but this exercise will help you get used to having water in your mouth while you're swimming. 

Dead man's float

Lie face down on the surface of the water and allow your arms and legs to hang freely. When you need to breathe, lift your head up gently and quickly get a few sips of air. Make sure that you don't move your arms or legs. This drill helps the body understand that it's not necessary to kick or pull to get more air. 

Sudden stops

You can do this exercise by performing any stroke, but halfway down the lane, you'll want to stop as quickly as possible in a face-down floating position. You can then try to get up to full speed after being in a resting position. This skill can help build strength. 

Are you ready to improve your skills in the pool? All you need to do is grab a swimsuit, goggles and your Speedo swim cap, and hop in!