One lifeguard discusses why she loves her job

Many lifeguards find their work to be rewarding.

Many lifeguards find their work to be rewarding.

As long as people continue to swim competitively and recreationally, there will always be a need for lifeguards. Despite its high demand, some individuals are unsure about becoming lifeguard because of the training involved and level of responsibility it requires. On the other side of the equation are people who think that if they work in such a job, they'll just sit around in a lifeguard swimsuit and do nothing. According New Mexico lifeguard Fabienne Wilson, however, both ideas are incorrect. 

Wilson, a senior at Eastern New Mexico University, told local newspaper the Portales News-Tribune that being a lifeguard is a great experience. 

"When I wake up in the morning to go to work, I don't feel dread," Wilson told the source. "I look forward to it. It keeps me active and I am not stuck in an office working in a cubical. It is the perfect summer job. I have also learned valuable skills, like rescuing people from the water and performing CPR. I have also become a better swimmer."

In addition to ensuring the safety of all visitors to the Portales City Pool, Wilson also teaches swim classes. She joked that providing instruction to new and hesitant swimmers is much more difficult than jumping into the pool to save lives. Most kids want to learn how to swim, but at the same time are afraid to try something new. Another problem that many of Wilson's young students have is forgetting to kick while they swim. 

Despite the challenges she faces as a lifeguard and swim instructor Wilson says that her job is truly rewarding. One of the best parts is gaining the trust of her young swimmers.