Is tech summer camp in your child’s future?

Some kids are spending their summers learning more about technology.

Some kids are spending their summers learning more about technology.

While some kids may be content spending their summers in the pool, wearing racing swimsuits and drilling with the team, others may want to take more studious approach to vacation. It's actually beneficial for children to do at least some academic work over summer break to prevent a learning gap from occurring. To keep kids performing at their intellectual peak, a growing number of technology-related summer camps have emerged to help kids learn, while allowing them to have fun. 

Dell's Tech Page One blog recently profiled a few popular tech summer camps, and we've listed some of their top picks below: 

  • Camp GOALS for Girls – This free summer program offered at New York City's Intrepid Museum is designed to introduce eighth- and ninth-grade girls to technology. 
  • Girls Who Code – This organization has camps in several major cities around the country. At their summer immersion programs, girls receive intensive instruction in robotics, web design and mobile development. Participants will also be mentored by the tech industry's top female executives, entrepreneurs and engineers. 
  • iD Tech – These camps are located at universities across the country and offer courses in computer programming, robotics, game design, filmmaking and web design. Participants can either engage in a "tech only" program or one that incorporates some traditional camp elements. 
  • The Tech Summer Camp – The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California offers interdisciplinary programs for middle school-aged children. Some unique class offerings include forensic science and industrial design. 

If you can't get your child into an organized tech camp this summer, you can still encourage learning. Buy some books on various topics and try out new things together.