Interesting benefits of open water swimming

Sometimes it's fun to go on a few outdoor swims.

Sometimes it's fun to go on a few outdoor swims.

Sometimes it can be nice to get out of the pool and hop into a nearby lake or pond for some open water swimming. We all used to do it as kids, so why abandon this fun activity as an adult? In a post on, U.S. Masters Swimmer and long-time proponent of open water swimming Mike Lewis offered the following reasons why you should ditch your racing swimsuit for a bit  and hop into an open body of water: 

It's a cure for boredom - Swimming out in a pond or lake may seem like a drag, but it may actually be more exciting than you would normally think. 

"Well actually there's a lot to keep your mind engaged in the open water from navigating a course without the aid of lane lines, lane markers or walls," Lewis wrote. "Open water swimmers actually report some amazing things from their swims."

Long swims will help you relax - Many swimmers often say that that they find peace in the water. While you can go on a long swim in a pool, sometimes it's much more enjoyable to have the freedom to develop your own course. 

You'll make friends - You'll meet new people during any sort of swimming activity, whether or not it's in a pool, but sometimes you find some very interesting characters during long group open water swims. Once you've completed this type of grueling course, you'll have great stories to share with like-minded individuals.