For how many weeks should my child go to camp?

How long should your child be at camp this summer?

How long should your child be at camp this summer?

After choosing an overnight camp over a day camp, the next decision that you will need to make is the length of the session. One week? Three? Two months? Here are a few factors to consider: 

Cost - A full summer (7-8 weeks) at an overnight camp is not in every family's budget. Most camps understand that families need an alternative to longer options and offer sessions that range from one to five weeks. 

Maturity – Some children just aren't ready to be away from home for long periods of time. Short one- or two-week camps give kids a taste of camp, with the reassurance that they can go home soon. Moms and dads should also understand their child's wishes and not underestimate their maturity. 

"Parents should keep in mind that if they're choosing a short session camp because they're worried about sending their child away for a long time, they may be setting up their child for future frustration if he or she would ultimately like to end up at a full session camp," states an article in New York Family magazine. 

Schedule - What else are you planning on doing with your family this summer? A long camp session may interfere with a trip to someplace exciting. If your child really wants to go to camp, consider a session that happens later in the summer after your vacation. This way, your child will be excited about going to camp later, instead of disappointed that they had to leave early to go on a "lame" family trip. 

No matter how long your child spends at camp this summer, it's important that they have everything they need including their goggles and Speedo swim cap