Finding a summer camp that activates your child’s senses

How does your child like to experience the world?

How does your child like to experience the world?

If your child has a wide range of interests, it can be difficult to find a good summer camp for them to attend. One way to pick out a good camp is to think about how your child likes to experience the world. Do they like to observe people and objects? Or does everything need to come in contact with their hands?

"By being aware of your child's dominant sense you will be able to cater to their sensibilities, successfully ensuring that they have a fun and relaxing summer break," wrote Prisilla Dunstan, a behavioral researcher, in a syndicated column published in the Bradenton Herald.

Dunstan provided camp suggestions for children of the following personality types: 


Not surprisingly, many auditory children will have fun at music camps, but their interests and needs are more complicated than that. They desire camps with a clear routine and more structure. According to Dunstan, these kids also don't like forced swimming activities, so it may not be the best idea to pack along their Dolfin Uglies swimsuits!

Taste and smell 

These kids don't often have a specific preference for camps but do want to be with their friends. Day camps that are focused on more relaxing activities are often your best option for a good experience. 


Sleep-away camps are well-suited for the tactile child. They enjoy being physical and spending time outdoors. You may also want to consider camps that have less structure and offer more opportunities for independent exploration. 


Visual children often prefer shorter camps focused on single activities that they truly enjoy. If you want your child to try a few new activities, be sure to schedule a few private lessons for camp instructions.