Cross-train with a synchronized swimming workout

Try to incorporate some synchro drills into your workouts.

Try to incorporate some synchro drills into your workouts.

You may have seen a synchronized swimming team practicing at your local pool. What did you think of the swimmers? Did they seem that they were just playing around? Believe it or not, synchronized swimming is one of the most physically demanding sports in or out of the water. Elite racers often incorporate synchro drills and techniques into their own workouts. 

USA Masters Swimming suggests that swimmers incorporate the following components into their routines: 

  • Warm-up – The first 30 minutes of a typical 90-minute synchronized swimming workout is spent on land. After stretching, spend the rest of your deck time on strength conditioning exercise. Next, hop in the pool for an easy swim. Practice floating on your stomach and your back. 
  • Sculls and eggbeater kicks – The eggbeater kick creates an elegant-looking way to tread water. Because it is consistent, swimmers don't bob up and down. Sculling allows swimmers to lift their legs out of the water to create interesting figures with their bodies. Try to perform an eggbeater kick for five minutes and then try one or two 100-meter sculling drills. 
  • Under/ overs – Synchronized swimmers have amazing breath control, and you should strive for their expertise. To work on this skill, you should attempt several 25-meter underwater sprints, followed by a 25-meter freestyle sprint. 
  • Group swim – If you're practicing with some friends, try to come up with a simple routine. You'll have fun and learn that synchro isn't as easy as you think!

Interested in incorporating some new and interesting drills into your workout? All you need to do is put on your Dolfin Uglies swimwear and hop into the pool!