4 health benefits of swimming

Swimming comes with a number of benefits that makes it one of the best exercises.

Swimming comes with a number of benefits that makes it one of the best exercises.

There are numerous benefits to making swimming a regular part of your life. If you're just looking to feel younger or build strength, swimming is an activity that can be as rigorous or relaxing as any workout without putting extra strain on your body. Swimming has been proven to even increase brain activity and reduce asthma symptoms. 

Here are a few other benefits of swimming regularly: 

Calorie burning: Depending on your skill level, swimming can burn as many as 650 calories per hour. Studies have shown that swimming can burn up to 89 percent of the calories consumed during running and 97 percent of those during cycling. But studies have also shown that swimming is significantly less damaging to the joints, meaning that a swimming routine can be sustained more easily than the other two activities due to the lowered risk of injury.

Heart health: The heart is probably the body's most important muscle. Swimming increases its ability to pump blood more efficiently throughout the entire body, leading to improved blood flow. Aerobic exercises like swimming also reduce the inflammatory responses which can result in heart disease.

Reduced cholesterol: Finding the ideal balance between good and bad cholesterol can be achieved through a regular swimming routine. For every percent of good cholesterol increase, the risk of heart disease drops by roughly 3.5 percent.

Stress reduction: Stress is unfortunately something we all have to deal with on occasion. But swimming is great for releasing endorphins and other relaxing chemicals that can ease the tensions that can negatively affect your overall health. Furthermore, while the steady breathing combined with the constant stretching and relaxing of muscles gives you a "natural high," your brain is replacing stressed and dead brain cells with new vibrant ones. 

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