3 types of swimmers you see at every meet

Here are the types of swimmers that you are likely to see at every meet.

Here are the types of swimmers that you are likely to see at every meet.

Whether you are swimming in a competitive meet or just attending to cheer on a friend or family member, these can often be tense experiences. This is true no matter what level the person is swimming in, as the entire goal is to improve their abilities and be able to swim at higher levels. If you are attending one of these competitions at a local community pool, you are likely going to run into the same types of swimmers at every single event. While not every person is going to fit into a predetermined category, chances are high that you will see some similar broad archetypes.

Here are a few of those kinds of swimmers you will likely observe:

  • Anxious kid: There will likely be more than one of these types of kids that you see before a big meet. This will be the girl or boy who is bouncing around on wobbly knees doing their best to keep themselves calm. Checking the sheet multiple times to see when they're up will also happen.
  • The Peacock: You will notice this swimmer right away, as he is the one who makes such a big deal about his workout routine and how he prepares himself for the meet. He will be the one jumping around trying to psych himself up while slapping the blocks in preparation for being in the water.
  • The tardy one: Every team has a person that is perpetually running a few minutes late. He or she will be the one running to and from practices and meets as fast as they swim, in hopes of not losing their spot or being at a disadvantage in the water.

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