3 top swimming destinations

Crater Lake in Oregon is a popular swimming destination.

Crater Lake in Oregon is a popular swimming destination.

Summer is the perfect time for vacations, and while many families will be adventuring to tropical isles for fun in the sun, avid swimmers will want a spot that is both scenic and swimmable.

As we get into the heat of August, last minute vacationers may want a spot where they can keep up with their craft as well as enjoy time with friends and family. So here are a few of the world's best swimming spots:

Blue Lagoon – Aptly named for its cool blue surface color, this lake is a natural spa that hovers around 100 degrees F. In Iceland, which normally experiences extreme winter temperatures, this spot is a great destination any time of year. It is one of the most visited spots in the country and is rich in minerals that are reported to help with skin disorders like psoriasis.

Crater Lake – Located in Oregon, this scenic spot was created by the an ancient volcano and is surrounded by cliff faces. The deep blue of the water, two islands and history make it a great place for a family getaway. It is a national park, which means it is protected and maintained by rangers and offers a science and learning center – perfect for academic explorers!

Hanauma Bay – Hawaii is the destination for many vacationers due to its attractive beaches, laid-back lifestyle and tropical sunshine. But this particular location is special for its privacy, wildlife and snorkeling opportunities. This area boasts tons of green sea turtles, live coral and something that residents call the 'tropical fish parade' because of the diversity and abundance of sea life.

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